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The main activity of IBEROPRAC SOLUCIONES  is  marketing  material and products for protect perishable products , in Iberian Market, Spain and Portugal.

Mainly focused  in AgrifoodPharmaceuticaltheir supply chains and the Online sales chanel of perishable godos.

We have a wide experience in technical sales to these sectors.




In air transport of perishable, it becomes more complex to keep the cold chain, this requires the use of

Pallet Covers : export of fruits and fish by air, is used to isolate the palletized godos

Cold accumulators : en different versions, ICEPACK (hydratable), flexible or rigid, to provide cold that keeps the cold chain

Datalogger : to confirm at destination the evolution of the temperature






Fish is one of the most perishable foods, therefore provide solutions to this sector is one of our main goals.
Almost all of our products are applicable to this sector.

ICEPACK: It is the most widely used cold carrier in the sector, the multiple sizes, flexibility, lower cost and storage space, they have succeeded in this activity.

COOLSEAL boxes : alternative to traditional EPS (expanded polystyrene) to transport fish. Less storage space, increased capacity of fish per volume, 100% recyclable, possibility of printing
Food pads : in the bottom of the box or tray, to prevent accumulation of fluids

Pallet Covers : in fish exports by plane of fishery products, especially in aquaculture, isothermal cases are used to isolate the palletized goods.







The pharmaceutical industry needs to maintain some medications cooling temperature it is usual to use Acold accumulators generally rigids.

Some pharmacies choose to have ICEPACK to help customers when they buy medicines that need to keep low temperature.

Isothermal covers : envelope type or internal to the box to insulate for to keep Tª

Temperature recorder - Datalogger : incorporating together the perishable goods, to record the evolution of the temperatura







The development of online sales channel of perishable products requires specific solutions. Although the specific transport for this activity is improving, the issuer of the goods must remain vigilant

We recommend using cold accumulators, flexible - gelpack o hydratables - ICEPACK.

Temperature recorder - Datalogger : reporting traceability Tª