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Paller Cover

The pallet covers are manufactured in Isothermal material, are used to send palletized goods that require protection against high environmental temperatures, adverse conditions, sudden changes in temperature.

The most common use is in the air export of perishables, such as fish, meat, fruit, medicines that need to maintain temperature or in the case of wine to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

They are generally used in combination with cold stores, distributed with the merchandise.

cold storage + pallet covers = contribution of cold + insulation  1-sided aluminum material, 5mm bubble and interior white PE or 2-sided aluminum and 5mm bubble

Dimensions any size of pallet, the most common 100x120 or 80x120 with the height desired by the user

Packaging packages of 5 units

Opening options 1 or 2 edges, according to customer preferences

Although they are usually for single use, there is the possibility of models for multiple use


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