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Products and Materials for Perishable Protection for Food &Pharma


We provide solutions to the market of perishable products, looking for innovative products that improve traditional options. We work with the will to add value to the Food industry, Pharmaceutical and its Logistic Chain.
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Innovation, agility and efficiency allow us to strengthen ties with our customers, creating long-term links, as suppliers in companies that manufacture, market, or manipulate perishable products.
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Innovation - Efficiency - Simplicity - Agility - Availability - Collaboration guide us to add value to our clients.
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Acceso a nuestro Blog

Aquí tiene acceso a nuestro blog, donde puede encontrar explicaciones y opiniones de nuestros productos, así como dudas habituales. A través de él usted también puede emitir su opinión o contar sus experiencias .



    • ICEPACK Cold accumulator
    • Gelpack    Flexible Cold accumulator
    • Coldpack  Rigid cold  accumulator
    • Pads  Absorbens of fluids for foods
    • COOLSEAL  boxes for fish
    • Isothermal pallet covers
    • Isothermal covers , internal or external
    • Datalogger , temperatura recorder

    Iberoprac.Our activities are products and materials for protection of perishables, our misión is to provide soluctions to our customers in this activity .
    Iberoprac.Cold accumulators, Pads for food trays or boxes, CoolSeal  boxes for fish,  Isothermal products as pallet covers and Tª Dataloggers .
    Iberoprac.We represent in the Iberian Market , European companies , manufacturers of products for the protection of perishables, specially for fish and seafood .
    Iberoprac.Our activiyt is focused in Iberian market, Spain and Portugal, although we are spanding this scope to other áreas in Europe and north of Africa   .