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Food pads for boxes

  • absorbente pescado con marco 1
  • absorbente pescado con marco 2
  • absorbente pescado con marco 3
  • absorbente pescado con marco 4
  • absorbente pescado con marco 5

Food pads are used to remove fluids and water,  regulating the moisture in the food packagingboth in the traditional packaging, vacuum, or under an atmosphere MAP, in order to keep the original quality.

We have available  different formats, for tray or adapted to fish or meat boxes of different sizes, or vacuum bags.  we indicate  the most common , consult us for  other dimensions / capacities.

Name        dimensions (cm)    absorbent (ml/un)     units/box

18x24-600                18x24                          600                            360

24x37-1500              24x37                         1500                           420

32x54-4000              32x54                          4000                          225













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