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Portfolio Category: Insulation products

Insulating material coil

Coil of multilayer reflective thermal insulation material, composed of an external aluminum sheet 100% a bubble box of 5mm diameter and white polyethylene by the inner layer Coils of 60 m2, 1.20 m wide x 50 m length, thickness 4 mm weight 90 gr / m2 6 kg / coil
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Paller Cover

The pallet covers are manufactured in Isothermal material, are used to send palletized goods that require protection against high environmental temperatures, adverse conditions, sudden changes in temperature. The most common use is in the air export of perishables, such as fish, meat, fruit, medicines that need to maintain temperature or in the case of wine…
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Isothermal case inside box

Bag or inner sleeve of isothermal material, made to measure to cover inside any box, usually cardboard, in order to provide it with the ability to conserve temperature. They are normally used with cold accumulators.
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Flat Isothermal cover

Bag or flat sheath of isothermal material, made as an envelope, with the possibility of closing with double-sided adhesive tape or with Velcro. It is made to measure according to the needs of the user  
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