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Portfolio Tag: gelpack

Icepack, hydratable cold accumulator

ICEPACK  is an hydratable  cold accumulator, is a sheet with two different sides, one is plastic and the other is permeable by absorbing wáter After  immersing for about 15-20 minutes in water, the Icepack absorbs the maximum amount of water that supports it. With its subsequent freezing becomes an excellent contributor to cold. It is an excellent…
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Gelpack LDPE

  Ice packs or flexible Gelpack , are  heat sealed LDPE plastic bags  with cooling gel inside After freezing can provide cold cooling temperatures maintaining 2 to 8 ° C, allowing to maintain perishable goods and reused multiple times. Capacity     dim mm        un/box   box/pallet      un/pallet     200         190x100x20        80            40                 3200    400          200x150x20     …
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